A hearing aid in less than one hour

The months of waiting for a new hearing aid are now a thing of the past. In 10 minutes, using a fully automatic hearing test and selection process, your Sonetik partner can find out if your hearing is good or if you can benefit from wearing a Sonetik hearing aid. And if this should be the case, you can try or buy Sonetik hearing aids in less than one hour.

The success of preset hearing aids

Sonetik offers preset hearing aids. These are set according to the most common forms of hearing loss. If it is established in our hearing test that your hearing loss falls within one of the most commonly occurring patterns of hearing loss, the software can identify for the Sonetik specialist which hearing aid matches this pattern of hearing loss. In the case of common hearing losses, further adjustments to the hearing aid are not essential. That way, you have virtually the same effect as with a hearing aid individually set by an audiologist but at a third to a fifth of the price.  

Readily available at your pharmacy or chemist

And all this happens where you go for health-related matters. Your pharmacy and chemist are the perfect places for taking the Sonetik hearing test, trying the hearing aids and for buying them and any accessories. Why? Because in a straightforward case of mild to moderate age-related hearing loss no further time-consuming and costly consultations are required. This is reflected in the price of Sonetik quality hearing aids and in the time involved.