Hearing and hearing loss

1. What are the possible causes of hearing loss?

Hearing loss is generally something that occurs with age, because as the individual ages, what are known as hair cells in the inner ear lose length and mobility. In addition, hereditary factors, certain illnesses and medication can also be causes of hearing loss.

2. How common is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is very common. In the western industrialised countries 15-20% of the population are thought to suffer from hearing loss. In Switzerland alone almost 1 million people are affected.

3. How can hearing loss impair those affected?

Those who are affected often feel isolated from life around them. This makes it difficult for them to take part actively in the lives of others and to feel comfortable in a new setting. Many of those who are affected are also afraid of being considered by others as being incompetent and over time feel increasingly less safe. 

Sonetik hearing test

1. Can I have a reliable hearing test carried out in the pharmacy?

To find out whether you are suffering from simple age-related hearing loss and whether a Sonetik hearing aid could help you, the fully automated Sonetik hearing test is suitable. You can have this done in our partner pharmacies. There a Sonetik hearing aid can be loaned to you straight away, which you can wear to test it. In your own time you can find out whether it really helps you. If with a Sonetik hearing test it turns out that you are suffering from complex or severe hearing loss, we recommend that you have further investigations carried out with the ENT doctor or the hearing aid acoustician.

2. How is it possible to have hearing tests carried out in a pharmacy?

Nowadays hearing tests can be carried out nearly everywhere. Pharmacists are particularly suitable because generally they have a quiet side room in which blood pressure measurements and the like can be carried out. As the Sonetik hearing test is carried out fully automatically using a computer, the measurement does not have to be carried out by a specialist acoustician.

3. Does the Sonetik hearing test measure exactly?

Yes, the Sonetik hearing test discovers a hearing loss with 100% accuracy. Within the individual pitches the test works with 95% accuracy. This high level of precision enables the pharmacy or chemist to give you a reliable result or if applicable to recommend that you see a specialist.

4. Is it something for me?

If you are over the age of 60 and observe the first signs of a hearing deficiency (e.g. if you turn up the volume on your television higher than others, have to ask a question more often because you don’t understand something properly, have difficulty in loud company concentrating on listening to one person), it is recommended that you have a Sonetik hearing test.

5. What happens with my data?

Your pharmacy or chemist stores your personal data (name, date of birth and address). These will not be made available to any third party without your consent. Storing your data enables your pharmacist or chemist to loan you Sonetik hearing aids for a trial period if the result of the hearing test suggests that you should give them a trial.

6. How much does the hearing test cost?

The professional Sonetik hearing tests do not cost you anything. The only investment you make consists of the ten minutes of time that the test takes. 

Sonetik hearing aids

1. What is the main difference between the usual way in which hearing aids are provided and Sonetik?

There are three central differences: With Sonetik, hearing can be rediscovered firstly more easily, secondly more quickly and thirdly at lower cost. More easily because appointments with a number of specialists and doctors are no longer needed. More quickly because the whole process – from the hearing test to wearing for a trial period – takes less than an hour. At lower cost because thanks to intelligent preprogramming, the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids are much less expensive than comparable hearing aids from the hearing aid acoustician.

2. Where do I obtain the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids?

Only from authorised Sonetik specialists. In Switzerland, at present the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids can be obtained in pharmacies, chemists and opticians. You can find the Sonetik specialist near you in our list of locations.  

3. Why is it that the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids do not have to be programmed?

Because they are already programmed – the four preprogrammed Sonetik GOhear hearing aids cover around 90% of all slight to moderate hearing losses. Sonetik has analysed the scientifically gathered hearing loss data of more than 5000 people who suffer from slight to mild hearing loss. The analysis showed that: Hearing loss can be divided into four clearly distinguishable categories – and into four clearly definable amplification settings. With these altogether 16 profiles the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids rectify 90% of all slight to moderate hearing losses.

4. How sure can I be that the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids will really rectify my hearing loss?

Absolutely sure – if the result of our hearing test shows that your hearing loss is treatable with the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids. After the hearing test the Sonetik software calculates automatically and precisely whether your hearing loss matches any of the predefined profiles. The probability of this is high, because with the altogether 16 hearing aid profiles from Sonetik most slight to mild hearing losses can be treated successfully.

5. How can I be sure that a Sonetik hearing aid will not harm me?

The use of a Sonetik Go hear hearing aid cannot cause any harm because its maximum amplification does not go beyond the range that most people consider to be pleasant. Also, in a setting that is too loud all the time it automatically reduces the amplification. Moreover, the GOhear hearing aids have 4 volume settings. If when you are wearing it you feel that the hearing aid is too loud, you can change to a more comfortable program.

6. Can you program the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids for my hearing loss?

That is not necessary – the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids are already preprogrammed. The Sonetik GOhear hearing aids are preprogrammed for the most common forms of slight to moderate hearing loss. If your hearing loss corresponds to one of these forms, the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids rectify your hearing loss instantly. Also you can make fine adjustments yourself to the amplification on the hearing aid in order to be able to hear optimally in all situations.

7. How do I find out whether I too can benefit from the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids?

Make use of the offer to wear GOhear hearing aids on a trial basis free of charge, if the Sonetik hearing test establishes a simple slight to moderate hearing loss.

8. How long does it take until I have got used to a hearing aid?

Normally you get used to your GOhear hearing aid very quickly. But there are a few things you have to bear in mind: A hearing aid amplifies sounds that you can no longer hear well. The longer you have already been suffering from a hearing loss, the longer the process can last until your brain has got used to processing everyday noises such as traffic noise, the sound of the refrigerator, sounds from nature, etc. The more often you wear the hearing aid, the more quickly you will get used to the new situation.

9. Sonetik GOhear hearing aids cost much less than comparable hearing aids. Where is the catch?

There is no catch. Reading glasses also help you to see better again. And without tedious measurements and matching to your individual weakness of vision. Sonetik works by the same principle: Standardised programs for the most commonly occurring hearing losses. If you do not want any special fitting and specific functions and features, Sonetik hearing aids are exactly right for you.

10. Can I buy the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids even without a hearing test?

No. We do not want simply to sell you a hearing aid – rather we want to help you to get a hearing aid that really fits you and effectively rectifies your hearing loss. The hearing test shows whether we can treat your hearing loss with one of the preprogrammed Sonetik GOhear hearing aids and if yes, with which one.

11. How are Sonetik hearing aids different from other hearing aids?

Only in the preprogramming actually. While hearing aids are set at the specialist dealer individually to your hearing loss and in a lengthy process that often takes months are adjusted gradually to your individual hearing loss, you can wear the Sonetik hearing aids in less than an hour. Sonetik GOhear hearing aids use the latest technology and components such as you will also find in other high-tech hearing aids. But with its patented hearing test and selection procedure and thanks to the intelligent digital preprogramming, a Sonetik partner can offer you a quality hearing aid much more quickly and considerably more easily and therefore at a lower cost than the specialist trade.

12. Are there comparable solutions?

No. Currently on the market you will find either inexpensive aids to hearing that are fitted with cheap components and equally amplify every sound for every wearer, or individually programmed hearing aids from the specialist dealer, which because of the lengthy adjustment process often cost many times what you pay for a Sonetik hearing aid.  

13. How much do the Sonetik GOhear hearing aids cost?

A Sonetik hearing aid costs CHF 495.00 – a fraction of the cost for a comparable hearing aid. The price for hearing well and a rediscovered quality of life is less than you can easily spend for holidays, furniture and a new mobile phone.

14. How long will it last?

You can use your Sonetik hearing aid for years, provided that you treat it carefully (no moisture, don’t drop it or open it and don’t handle it roughly). A hearing aid like a medical device is expected to have a service life of six to ten years.

15. How do I clean a Sonetik hearing aid?

Regular cleaning is recommended and should be carried out in accordance with the instructions in the operating manual. Hearing aids should always be cleaned with the greatest care and attention. The hearing aid must never be cleaned with water, as this could damage the electronics of the hearing aid. Important – after every use of the hearing aid open the battery compartment so that the hearing aid is ventilated.

16. Where do I buy replacement batteries?

It is easiest to obtain replacement batteries at the place where you bought your Sonetik hearing aid or from any other Sonetik dealer in your area. Use our location search to find the nearest Sonetik partner.

17. How often do I have to change the batteries?

That depends on the one hand on how often and how long you wear your Sonetik hearing aid. We assume a wearing time of about 9 days if you wear your Sonetik hearing aid from the morning to the evening. If you do not wear your hearing aid every day, this can increase the wearing time. However, bear in mind that the batteries discharge slowly once they have started to be used – regardless of whether they have been used again or not.

18. How long is the guarantee for?

Sonetik provides a 24-month guarantee, from the date of purchase, for manufacturing faults of its new generation of hearing aids (on the market since October 2011). For the first-generation hearing aids there is a guarantee period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The guarantee can only be given if the hearing aid is taken with the sales receipt and guarantee card to the Sonetik dealer from which the hearing aid was purchased. Sonetik will of course repair your hearing aid also when it is out of guarantee, at your cost.

19. What do I do if the device is not working any more?

Follow the steps described in the operating manual for looking for and rectifying faults. If the device still does not work, please have your GOhear looked at by a Sonetik partner, who will check the device and if necessary take further steps. 

About Sonetik

1. Who is Sonetik?

Sonetik is a Swiss manufacturer of medical devices which helps people with hearing problems rediscover hearing in less than an hour. Sonetik AG was founded in 2007 in Switzerland. It is led by a team that has many years of experience all over the world in the development, production and marketing of hearing aids. We know what a good hearing aid has to provide. And we know that many people with hearing problems also want quality hearing aids quickly, simply and conveniently.

2. Is Sonetik a quality company?

Sonetik works only with partners and suppliers that meet the highest quality and social standards. Sonetik products and the hearing test system are fully quality certified and CE marked.

3. Is Sonetik a cheap supplier of hearing aids?

No. Sonetik uses technologies, components and systems that meet the highest quality requirements. The good prices are due to the fact that Sonetik concentrates on the main functions of a hearing aid that customers with an age-related slight to moderate hearing loss need, sells its hearing aids preprogrammed and does not require a lengthy adjustment process.

4. Who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions about Sonetik products, please contact directly your Sonetik specialist from whom you bought your Sonetik hearing aid. For specific questions about the company, please use our contact form.